Agenda 21

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush signed on to the UN’s Agenda 21: A Programme of Action for Sustainable Development. In twenty years, this document has spawned a whole network of organizations, including government and non-government organizations that promote top-down directed policies of “sustainable development” that infringe upon private property rights.  Agenda 21 empowers government and encourages it to control, monitor, and manage individual occupations, education, movement, transportation options, construction, agriculture, recreational choices, and property ownership and disposition, among other things.

A recent example of this UN backed growth of government is President Obama’s Executive Order (13575) which on June 9, 2011, established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). This Council, which includes DHS, DoD, DoJ, and the IRS, is designed to monitor and coordinate nearly all aspects of the lives of the 16 percent of the American people who are considered rural residents.

I oppose Agenda 21, and will work to eliminate its influence by reducing the government funding of Agenda 21 related projects and programs, and ensuring that the U.S. Constitution is not violated or infringed upon through these kinds of programs.