As a farmer in Italy, I believe that agriculture and food production is a critical component of the strength and security of any nation.  However, I oppose federal subsidies of any kind.  The subsidization of mass agriculture, coupled with trade barriers to exports and imports that interfere with the freedom of both farmers and consumers to choose what they will purchase has warped agricultural production, and hurt our global competitiveness.

As your representative, I will support Food and Farm Freedom, and oppose price supports, tax-payer funded government purchase programs and specifically, ethanol subsidies.  I will oppose any nationally mandated USDA program for animal identification system databases, and I’ll stand for reform and updating of various laws, such as GIPSA, from the standpoint of the small producer, not that of the major midwestern packing houses, feedlots or industrial producers –  nor that of the major chemical, energy or pharmaceutical corporations that have so successfully influenced the career politician who has represented our district up to now.