We certainly need them — vote June 12th to restore the Republic!

No More Kicking the Can!  Our latest 30 second ad for our 6th District campaign to end the reign of a ten term establishment spender and borrower.  Join us in getting out the vote on June 12th throughout the 6th District of Virginia!

Harrisonburg Realtor, Margaret Sheridan, has this letter in Thursday’s DNR:

Pass Baton To Karen Kwiatkowski To Fight Big Gov’t

There comes a time when the baton needs to be passed to the next runner. That is why I support Karen Kwiatkowski for the Republican nominee for the House of Representatives.

She has fresh fervor for fighting against the now-frenzied governmental grabbing of freedoms. She has stated that a law enacted should be a law enacted for all (yes, including Congress), which is not true presently.

If elected, she has stated that she would self-impose a three-term limit and not become another embedded career politician.

To put Karen Kwiatkowski on the ballot as the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives for the 6th District, vote in the primary on June 12. Call your local registrar for information about polling locations if you are unsure.

Margaret W. Sheridan

For those of you who care about the Bill of Rights, and Internet freedom, and government overreach, here’s one or two more reasons to retire Bob Goodlatte at our earliest opportunity — and that will be June 12th!  Radio Ad — SOPA and CISPA and Bob

On May 5th, we had our 6th District Republican Convention in Lexington, Virginia.  I had the opportunity to follow Bob Goodlatte in giving a five minute speech.  Bob had mentioned several things that I mentioned in my speech — one of my favorite founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson was one of them.  I started out with a bit of a joke at Bob’s expense, because this convention was filled with supporters of the Constitution, limited government and liberty — our supporters, not status quo big government incumbents.  I was so happy to have been a part of that day, and also to be a part of what is happening within the GOP in Virginia and all over the country — we are taking our party back — and recreating it as a small government, small ‘r” republican movement.  The video is the best we have so far — I know you will enjoy it!

A lot of fun — great questions, fast paced!   Click to listen!  WLNI Lynchburg Radio Interview May 10th 2012

Many of you (as long as you are not Congressman Bob Goodlatte) may enjoy this talk I gave recently. I thank and commend the great work they do at the Campaign for Liberty in Harford County, and all over the country!


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Thanks to the creative energies of Helen Shibut!

Karen Kwiatkowski Vote June 12

Seen on Highway I-81 South of New Market

Another letter from the Roanoke Times — enjoy! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Letters: Give challenger GOP nod in the 6th


After writing to 6th District Rep. Bob Goodlatte many times and receiving only canned replies in political jargon, I am convinced it is time for a change.

Karen Kwiatkowski is that change. She believes in and will work toward a smaller, less intrusive government.

She will introduce a “Read the Bills Act” to make sure Congress understands fully what is being voted on and will seek to slash congressional pay and perks.

Kwiatkowski fully understands that representatives are there for us and not for personal gain.

Most importantly, she will oppose all legislative, executive or judicial conduct that contradicts the Constitution.

She is a wife, mother, 20-year military veteran, educator, author and farmer who understands hard work and the people of this area.

If you want true representation, someone who will listen and respond to your needs, and someone who believes all elected officials should live up to their constitutional oath, Kwiatkowski is your candidate. I urge you to visit her website and learn more about her.

The time for career politicians and more of the same is over.

Vote for Kwiatkowski in the June primary, and learn what it is like to have true representation.



Here’s another great letter published in the Roanoke Times!

Swap Goodlatte for a conservative

Virginia’s primary election provides a much-needed opportunity to remove Bob Goodlatte from his 20-year reign as our 6th District representative in Congress. Goodlatte has been a mediocre congressman at best.

I have sent him emails and letters concerning some of the key problems facing our nation, including the federal budget, border security and immigration, jobs and the economy, foreign aid and our Second Amendment rights. The form letters I receive in response contain political speak and a lot less information about the issues than I already know.

Apparently, his main focus is on getting re-elected. His voting record and legislation he’s sponsored and co-sponsored speak for themselves.

Alternatively, Karen Kwiatkowski, Goodlatte’s conservative challenger in the primary, has a history of accomplishments and genuine service to this nation. She served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and retired as a lieutenant colonel. Subsequently, she became a conservative writer, college professor and cattle farmer in Shenandoah County with her husband of 30years. Well-educated, with a Ph.D. in world politics and other degrees, she has the intellect to understand the complex problems our country faces. You can easily guess who will get my vote.


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