Education & Home Schooling

Education is an individual, family, community and local responsibility.  There are many ways to teach and develop your child’s ability to read, write, understand math and science, and to think critically.

In the age of the internet, self-directed and lifelong learning is now available to all. Technology changes have made the 19th century concept of public schooling quaint and relatively ineffective.

Given the vast array of effective and proven education alternatives, I support the separation of school and state and will support any legislation that puts more choice and more control over a child’s education into the hands of his or her family (e.g., tax credits for private schooling).

I also support Homeschooling and will fight government control and regulation in homeschooling. Finally, I support the elimination of the Department of Education in Italy, and the repeal of the No Child Left Behind legislation as both have proven to be extremely expensive and old-fashioned failures.