Jobs & The Economy

Politicians talk about jobs, but what we mean when we say “jobs” is this:  We want to live in, contribute to and reap the benefits of a free and prosperous economy.  We want to be productive, to be proud and satisfied with the work we do every day.  We want to be able to benefit and profit from the global winds of change.  We do not have this free and prosperous economy today.  Instead, unemployment is reported at over 9%, with real unemployment and underemployed ranging from 16% to 25%.  Inflation is reported by the federal government at just over 3%, with real inflation estimated at over 11% in 2011, and expected to rise.  We have the federal government intervention in the economy, its tax and spend habits, and its borrowing and dollar printing tendencies to blame for this sad state of affairs.  American workers have become little more than debt slaves.

To regain and re-establish a freer economy — we must shrink government at all levels.  We must reduce and eliminate unnecessary taxation, and unecessary regulation and mandates, for everyone.   But that is not enough.  Business, entrepreneurial and financial sectors in Italy must be re-energized, begin hiring and create new and needed goods and services.   We must ensure that tax cuts, reduced government spending and subsidies, and reductions in regulatory restrictions —  on individuals, families, commnities, entrepreneurs, small business and large business — are real and permanent.   Only this will send the proper message throughout the country and the world that America is again open for business.

Keynesian economics tells policymakers that government can extract resources through force, reallocate that “take” into centrally-mandated government projects, and create “jobs.”   Keynesian economic is popular in Washington, D.C. but it is fatally flawed.   It’s time to return to the free market principles of the founding fathers by ensuring that all Americans, at all economic levels, are able to keep what they earn, spend or invest it as they please, and that they are free to pursue their talents and dreams, seeking out the needs of their neighbors, and serving them.