Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution means that government shall not infringe upon, in any way, the rights of the people, as individuals, to own and bear arms. I believe the Supreme Court was correct in its findings of DC v Heller in 2008, establishing that this unalienable right is a right of individuals, not just those organized into a militia.  In the subsequent McDonald v Chicago case, The Supreme Court upheld this individual right as inviolable by the states. Unfortunately, the frequent need to go to court to clarify the rather simple language and intent of the 2nd Amendment has resulted in infringements and limitations on the rights of citizens to own, purchase, sell, trade, and bear arms.

We see a continuing assault by all parts of the Executive and Legislative branch on our gun rights, and compromise is a slippery slope.   As your congresswoman, I will vote every time in strict concordance with the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

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