Transport To Italy


Aeroplane Transportation

Perhaps the most obvious of the International transportation methods, going by plane is one of the most used ways of getting to holiday destinations. The journey only takes around two hours, and you can sit and read, or even take a snooze while you wait to arrive. With in-flight food only getting better, you can have your meal brought to you and enjoy it in comfort.

Nearly every airline flies to Italy, so you won’t have trouble booking an international flight. With some international airlines offering prices as low as £25 for a seat, it should work wonderfully with a budget as well.


International Train Transportation

Probably the next most popular form of getting across Europe is the international train. It takes longer, but you can relax in comfort and style as you glide through scenic Europe and towards your destination. This is a really beautiful way to travel if you enjoy looking at the scenery when you travel.

There are several ways you can get to Italy via train. There is a very direct route that leads you through France, or a few out of the way routes that will let you travel through Germany and Brussels. Tickets start as low as £67, which is great.


Ferry Transportation

There are two ways you can get to Italy via ship or ferry. You can go to France via ferry and get a train; you can take a cruise that stops in Italy, or you can get a ferry directly to Italy. It all depends on your preferred method. Of course, cruises are a lot more expensive than just getting a ferry, so that is something to take into consideration.

With prices at around £100, it’s a little more expensive than most forms of international transport, but if you love sailing and the sea, then it’s going to be worth the extra expense.


Coach and Car

Driving across Europe can be a great experience. Of course, whether you want to drive or be driven is up to you. Whether you take the car or a coach, there is a certain feeling of liberation when it comes to driving to different countries. If you take the coach you don’t need to worry about concentrating too much; you can just take your time to look at the scenery and relax on your journey. Prices also start at around £78, so your coach journey isn’t going to put too much financial pressure on you.

If you choose to drive, the petrol alone is going to cost you around £200, depending on your car. This is a little pricier, but there is a lot of freedom that comes with driving yourself. You can choose to stop at places that interest you, or even go a different route so that you can visit areas and see sights that you want to experience. It’s an exciting way to travel and one that offers more freedom than any other mode of transport.

Travelling is a lot of fun, and you can get to Italy in so many different ways. If you’re looking to get there quickly and relax, then air travel is likely to be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking to really experience Europe as you go then why not try driving there? With the freedom to stop and stare as much as you like, it will add a sense of adventure to your holiday.